Registration: Next Level Activation Summit

Each month, we’re going to focus on ways to equip and empower you to transform culture. We’ll bring in speakers and experts to train you in your area of work, ministry and family to help you be the reformer you’ve been called to be.

For this NLAS, we will be hosting Blake and Linda Schellenberg. Blake and Linda are the Founders and Senior Leaders of Co-Labor Ministries. Together they serve a growing number of churches, ministries, and business leaders that have partnered with them for revival. This revival network has crossed denominational lines, building relationships that empower believers to walk in freedom, destiny, and power.

Register now and bring friends with you. There will be 4 hours of teaching and activation for $35! Couples can come for the price of one.

June Registration For Next Level Activation Summit w/ Schellenberg’s

Catalyzing Revival In Business and Ministry Guests: Blake and Linda Schellenberg When: June 26th 1-5P Where: Valley River Life. 900 Robin Hood Ave. Eugene, OR 97401 *No ticket required for entrance, your name will be on our registration list.*