Registration: Next Level Activation Summit

The first NLAS will be on “Activating Our Spiritual Senses.” Each month, we’re going to focus on ways to equip and empower you to transform culture. We’ll bring in speakers and experts to train you in your area of work, ministry and family to help you be the reformer you’ve been called to be. For our very first NLAS, we’ll take a fresh approach to bringing awareness to our senses in the spirit realm.

Please register for the Next Level Activation so we can have lunch available for you. The cost is $40 for everyone. If you paid $139 for any of our canceled conferences, you’re already registered. Also, if you paid early registration fee of $109, we want to reward you for registering early so you’re also already registered. Share with your friends and bring them to this exciting seminar. With the activation exercises we’re planning, it will be more impactful and more fun to have a bigger group to learn with.

Next Level Activation Summit

When: April 24th 10-3P Where: Valley River Life. 900 Robin Hood Ave. Eugene, OR 97401 *No ticket required for entrance, your name will be on our registration list.*