Elizabeth Hawker


Elizabeth Hawker has been a prophetic messenger of the gospel for over 20 years and has ministered in the nations for the last 14 years.
Elizabeth flows in the prophetic with fire and a deep passion that strengthens and stirs the heart of the people to awake to the reality of the Living Christ in them to fulfill their destiny. Elizabeth walks in the Breaker Anointing. She ministers the Word of God to strengthen, encourage, and impart the love of Jesus Christ.
Elizabeth is an enrolled member of the Gabrielino Tongva Tribe of the San Gabriel Mission Band of Indians of San Gabriel, Calif who’s ancestral tribal land is the Greater Los Angeles and the coastal islands. She has traveled with Native American teams sharing the Gospel to Israel, Australia, Ireland and in the United States on different reservations. Elizabeth has also been ministering in Scotland since 2004.
Elizabeth is a gifted and highly skilled artist.  She is the owner of Tongva Ancestral Creations which is restoring traditional creative techniques as well as contemporary jewelry designs and beautiful leather works.
Elizabeth and her husband Ian currently reside in Oregon, they are ordained with Christian International and are the contact leaders in Oregon and Washing . Both are ministers of grace that live a life to serve God and His people every where they go. Their life is that of true restoration & reconciliation of the healing power of Jesus Christ.