Julie Nowacki

Julie Nowacki (No-Vahtz-Kee) honed her sought-after promotion skills through decades of discovery and work in the creative arts industry. Since the late 1990’s she has worked in artist management for singer/songwriters, consulted with media companies and film producers, performed event planning for authors and speakers, coordinated travel schedules, and booked media interviews. She has performed stage coordination, communication coaching, and strategic planning to develop and deploy life messages. Through an extensive network of relationships and experience, she has become a premier creative catalyst — initiating the perfect pairing of companies, communicators, and causes to build sustainability. In 2016 she started Convergent Promotions to unite the Body of Christ and in 2018 partnered with a Licensed Professional Counselor to open up ElRod Center a creative arts and therapy center for kids in memory of her father-in-law Rodney Nowacki who took his life in October of 2016.

Julie is a unique networking lightning rod’ and since 2016 has partnered with Elijah List, Awaken the Dawn, Chris Overstreet, Bethel Media, Bethel Music, Lifestyle Christianity, Transparent Productions, Civil Righteousness, City Quake, Sean Feucht, United Hive, Collide Media Group and more. She is passionate about bringing Heaven to Earth through revival and reformation.

She has been married to her husband Wayne since 2004, they have one daughter Audrey Joy and live in Junction City, Oregon

To learn more, visit: convergentpromotions.com